Said Aris Tarabi


BSc (Psychology)  MPsS

Said Aris Tarabi read Psychology at Brunel University where he graduated with a First Class Honours degree in 2010 and was awarded the Best Psychology Student of the Year prize. He has a particular interest in schizophrenia.

After completing his degree, Aris worked for Professor Peter Tyrer at Imperial College (2010-12) as a Research Assistant and Clinical Studies Officer until starting his Professional Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at London Metropolitan University.His final year thesis was based on a detailed Phenomenological Analytical examination of a patient suffering from schizophrenia, which suggested an alternative way of examining and treating patients with this condition. In addition, the poster of his study was presented at the BPS 2011 Annual Conference as a model example ofacademic research.

Aris trains therapists in various psychological interventions and has a particular interest in CBT, NLP and Humanistic (Person-Centred) approaches along with the processes that constitute the therapeutic relationship. He has in excess of 7 years of clinical experience in both the NHS and the private sector working with a range of psychological illnesses and is currently treating patients suffering from Addiction, Depression and Anxiety disorders. This experience has left Aris with a firm commitment to continue working in the clinical field to improve the quality of care for clients who have to combat difficult psychological problems.