TAG Philosophies

TAG’s organisational structure

We have Leaders. We do not have Officers, Directors or Managers who belong to an outmoded hierarchical system and tend to create inefficient ‘them and us’ organisations that are always at risk of being driven by force, fear and unfairness

A true leader gets results through inspiring people, which creates genuine aspiration within their group that encourages others to follow them towards a unified goal. This is a new, modern, dynamic and fair way to do business, generating a greater likelihood of commercial success that benefits all within the organisation, as well as our customers

Our structure is lean and flat with a maximum of only 6 layers/levels, giving everybody the opportunity to climb to the highest level. We always encourage our people to progress through the company and reach their ultimate potential

TAG Philosophies are the foundation of our organisation. We live and breathe these on a daily basis

1. Our People

Our organisation is our people. We cherish our health and welfare, our personal and professional needs and growth, as well as our financial security. We believe our customers will only receive the truly dedicated and professional quality of service they rightly expect if our people are provided proper support and nurture, which we always strive to impart

2. Our Customers

We appreciate our client and student customers always have a choice. Therefore the key to our success, through the specific training, development and service we deliver, is to provide every one of our customers with the highest level of coaching, support or therapy, delivered with honesty, integrity and a positive attitude

3. Profit

A fair margin resulting in a business profit is the key measure of whether we are providing clients and students with a product and service they value

4. Ownership

We believe that each individual within our organisation should have the opportunity to share in the organisation’s success through outcome-based incentives and profit share. It is important that all TAG members, whether they are global leaders, leaders within their nation or team members, see the business they run as their business

5. Incentives

Incentives are based on measurable and reliable outcome-based Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). We fully believe ‘what gets rewarded gets done’. If the right outcomes are rewarded, that are appropriate and ethical, both our people and our organisation will prosper and our customers will benefit from TAG’s productive, contented and principled staff

6. Brightness of Future

We believe our people have the right to belong to a Team (family), a Branch (village), an Area (tribe) and Nation hierarchy that will provide them with a bright exciting future within TAG, along with a supportive working community. This also means they have the right to see a clear path through to achieving their goals

7. Standard Systems – One Best Way

In our industry there is always ‘one best way’ to operate. These are standard systems that will be employed universally until a better way is shown. Any improved way then becomes the new ‘one best way’. We value common sense over dogma and conformist knowledge

8. Family, Village, Tribe

Our structure is simple, lean, flat and transparent, with accessible leaders. There is a maximum of 4 to 6 layers. The family is the immediate network around whom staff work on a daily basis.

The village is an unfunded, self-help support group for each family that forms an integral part of our structure and enhances it’s success

The tribe is the overall community organisation to which all staff members belong. It provides additional support over and above the capabilities available to a village

  • Teams (family) (minimum 3, maximum 7 members)
  • Branches (villages) (minimum 3, maximum 7 teams)
  • Areas (tribes) (minimum 4, maximum 10 branches)
  • Nations (minimum 4, maximum 8 areas)
  • Regions/States/Countries (minimum 4, maximum 8 nations)
  • Global Executive Team/Board of Leaders

9. Taking Responsibility

We accept that while we have total ownership and responsibility of what we set out achieve, we do not always have total control. Irrespective of this, we take full responsibility for our own success or failure and we do not externalise. As an organisation we recognise and celebrate our individual and collective successes. It is also our own individual responsibility, as considerate supportive human beings, to consistently look for and discover the benefits other individuals can bring to us and not to simply wait for them to demonstrate it to us

10. Egalitarianism and Unity

TAG believes each individual should have equal privileges and rights. Whether in training or corporate sectors, in our coaching or healthcare clinics, in the UK or overseas, in organically grown or acquired businesses – there will be no ‘them and us’