Martina McKeough


HPD   DipH   DipNLP   CertDE    GQHP   GHR (Reg)   BA (Hons)

Martina McKeough is a Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner, Corporate Stress Management Professional and Hypnotherapy and Marketing Trainer. She currently runs a number of busy practices throughout London and Hertfordshire including Harley Street the centre of excellence for health professionals in the UK.

Martina also holds advanced Hypnotherapy Certification for specialisms including The Hypno-Band (Gastric Band Hypnotherapy), Smoking Cessation, Hypnobirthing, Pain Management and Fear, Phobia and Anxiety Reduction. She is also one of the leading Hypnotherapists in the UK for Hypnosis and Cancer. Her Corporate Stress Management program has been used by companies such as Tesco to alleviate Stress in the workplace.

In addition to her work with clients Martina is a media commentator on Hypnosis and regularly appears in the media. Before retraining as a Hypnotherapist she was a Business Development Specialist in Commodity Trading. This unique background has enabled her to become a Complimentary Therapy Marketing Expert.