Professional Indemnity Insurance Scheme

Training Alliance Group’s block scheme for Professional Indemnity Insurance

Training Alliance Group are pleased to offer discount Professional Indemnity Insurance for Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT and Psychotherapy, which is available to those who sign up as members of Training Alliance Group by subscribing to our newsletter. The discount professional indemnity insurance scheme will cover not only Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT but also hundreds of other therapies on which you can obtain cover for no addtional premium. Higher risk therapies can be included for a small additional premium. The Hypnotherapy, NLP and CBT professional indemnity insurance policy has been arranged through Balens and the insurer for the scheme is the Zurich and DAS Legal Expenses. Balens are a well established, fourth generation family-run business with 36 personnel dedicated to looking after Health Professionals. They are built on solid roots going back to 1950 and are Pioneers in the development of top quality cover for all types of Health Professional with special rates and industry leading cover that has been developing and improving over 19 years in this speciality.

The policy wording is unique to Balens, designed by them in conjunction with Zurich, and is one of the widest available on the market and includes many features that other policies do not. The Insurance Scheme premium offers a discount over Balens standard rate for the year and some of the features covered in the policy consist of Medical Malpractice, Professional Indemnity, Public Liability, Product Liability, Loss of Reputation, Breach of Intellectual Property, Client Confidentiality Protection, Loss of Documents cover, First Aid cover as well as Good Samaritan Acts. The indemnity offers cover between £2M – £4 as the maximum per claim however unlike other policies on the market, we allow an unlimited number of claims in the year and unlimited legal costs are in addition to this. We include Retro-active cover to pick up any previous insured work performed at no extra charge and the policy covers you to work anywhere in the UK. If you cease to practice Balens include unlimited run off cover which means the policy will always be in place if a claim was made after you stop the policy running and this is also free of charge. We include a DAS Legal Expenses package add on covering Inland Revenue (HRMC) Investigation cover, free legal advice helpline, criminal allegations made against you including sexual impropriety and many other features. Temporary cover abroad is available with no time restrictions and at no additional premium as long as you are a UK resident excluding USA/Canada. If you are resident in the Republic of Ireland, Spain, Cyprus and Greece then we have a policy available, please contact Balens for more information.

If you would like to take out the policy, please contact us and request a copy of the form and information, alternatively this can be downloaded HERE. Additionally please contact Balens directly on 01684 580771 or e-mail- requesting information on the insurance scheme. After receiving the information if you would like to take the policy out, please complete the form and return it directly to Balens with payment. At renewal you will have the option of renewing online. There is also an option to pay by direct debit over 10 months. If you would like to use this service there is an interest payable of 12.25% on top of the premium-please contact Balens for more details.

A little about Balens:

  • Balens are a well established, fourth generation family-run business which has been built on solid roots going back to 1950, and we have grown during that time to its’ present size mainly through recommendation, not acquisition or private funding!
  • We are Pioneers in the development of top quality cover for all types of Health Professional with special rates and industry leading cover and have been developing and improving our range for over 19 years in this speciality – often copied, never bettered! We also specialise in Charities and not for profit organisations.
  • When you deal with Balens you will receive expert advice and claims service from the largest independent health professional specialist Brokers in the UK and Ireland, backed up by state of the art admin technology.
  • Our unique quality wordings are designed by us and not available elsewhere and are always evolving.
  • We offer consultancy and a Personal Approach in these days of growing impersonality and aim to offer a friendly, listening approach to our clients’ needs. Our slogan “we care for the Carers” describes this intention, and is a good reflection of how we operate. We have been ethically dedicated to Natural Medicine for many years.
  • We are flexible and design our procedures around the client and not the other way round! We are an ethical company with 32 staff dedicated to customer care and are not solely motivated by profit,

What can Balens offer you?

  • We are Market Leaders in development and improvement of wordings for Health Professionals. Our policy wordings are, in our opinion, the widest available on the market and include important features that other cheaper insurance packages on the market may not include. Premiums are extremely competitive.
  • We can include cover for various types of Comprehensive Insurance solutions for all kinds of Complementary Therapists, Medical Auxilliary Professionals, Health-related Businesses, Organisations, Beauty Therapy Professionals and many other Health Professionals on an individual basis or corporate arrangement.
  • All types of Insurance packages designed especially for charities and not for profit organisations
  • We offer a “One–stop” solution for your other Insurance requirements. Check out our check list!
  • We offer Sympathetic and expert help in event of an incident occurring from specialist intermediaries. Our experience in helping lift the burden and giving skilled advice to avoid problems when we are advised of a possible claim circumstance is second to none, and we would place this feature above all others.  At the time when you need it most, and when you feel vulnerable, we are there to support you. Our approach is different in that we will help you deal with these initially without resort to solicitors, and our Insurers will not just pay a claim quickly to reduce their costs, as can easily happen.  Practitioners want their version of a case to be considered. Their reputation, and of course the reputation of the Therapy, could be affected as a result of claims paid for as a matter of expediency.  We spend as long as it takes on the phone with you to help you through crises.
  • Many well-known and respected organisations use our services. David Balen is an advisor to Professional Bodies on Insurance and Practice Management Issues, and lectures and writes articles for journals regularly.
  • Complementary / Alternative Medicine: – We can cover almost 2000 therapies from lower risk therapies such as Healing to higher risk therapies such as Acupuncture / Osteopathy / Chiropractic / Colonic Hydrotherapy etc.