Thinking of Training as a Hypnotherapist?

There are many reasons why you may be thinking of training as a hypnotherapist.  A lot of students come to TAG Academy to learn the hypnotherapy course for self-development purposes only.  You learn a lot about yourself and how you relate to the world and people around you through our training.  You may be a therapist working in a different field, maybe as a counsellor and you wish to add hypnosis to your skillset, or maybe you have been working in holistic health as a reflexologist, massage therapist or even a nurse.

Whatever brings you to thinking of training as a hypnotherapist one thing is for sure, our training course will further your self-development and self-awareness and give you finely tuned skills as a therapist and to enhance your own life for the better.

For some students it is something they have always been fascinated by and wished to learn, for others it is because they have had direct experience of how hypnotherapy has helped them with issues in their lives and now have a strong desire to help others.

 A desire to wish to help others and to see clients improve their lives is a prerequisite for anyone wanting to become a therapist in any setting.  You do need a certain amount of interest in people, compassion and a degree of empathy.  You also need to be able balance this, and to detach from clients and their stories when you are not working.  You will learn about this in great detail on our training.

You will also learn that to be an excellent therapist, you will need to have not only a desire to help others, but also an ability to set any judgment aside and adopt a term which is widely recognised in many therapeutic disciplines which is “unconditional positive regard”.  This means that whoever your client is, whatever they bring to your treatment room, their need for your assistance is greater than any pre-conceived judgments you may have had in the past.  All people deserve to be treated equally, with compassion and understanding.  You will also be trained in client care, the need for complete confidentially is vital and cannot be overstated.  The relationship that you build with your client will be based upon trust, when a client feels listened to, respected and able to really speak their own truth in a safe non-judgmental space, then the client has a great chance of overcoming whatever has been troubling them.

There are of course Hypnotherapy National Occupational Standards, that you will be study and will need to adhere to.  The understanding of these standards will be fundamental in the completion of the much respected Hypnotherapy Practice Diploma which we support our students to complete.

 So a lot to consider when thinking of training as a hypnotherapist, and you can discover much more information about our training here. 

Alternatively, get in touch and speak to a TAG Tutor.