Begin a New Career as a Hypnotherapist in Essex

Are you thinking of changing career and retraining?  Or maybe you are already a therapist and wish to add hypnotherapy to your set of skills?

Either way, if you wish to begin a new career as a hypnotherapist in Essex then we have good news!  TAG Academy now offer our ten month hypnotherapy diploma training in Essex, as well as our other locations.  The continuing success of the training and the demand for more places on the course means that we are always looking to expand and grow into other areas.  With existing venues in London, Brighton and Milton Keynes, we are now delighted to add Essex to the list.

With a venue which is easily accessible from the M11 and M25, with good tube and bus links, if you are based in Essex and looking to train locally then take a look at what TAG Academy has to offer.

The highly accredited hypnotherapy training we offer students covers so many modalities, not just hypnosis, although the course itself has its main focus in hypnosis you will also learn neuro-linguistic programming, emotional freedom technique, cognitive behavioural therapy and rapid cognitive processing (unique to TAG Academy, a technique to use for PTSD and trauma clients).

A question often asked is what is the difference between hypnosis and hypnotherapy?  Hypnosis is a natural state of being, a deeply relaxed state of high inner focus, a state in which the mind is more open to receive positive suggestions for change.  Hypnotherapy is the term given to the therapeutic process in which a qualified therapist will assist a client in achieving a state of hypnosis, and then offering positive suggestions. 

Learning to teach a client to induce self-hypnosis and to then deepen that level of trance is one of the first things you will learn when training with TAG Academy.  You will become confident and adept at using various induction techniques so that any client can find the level of trance that is right for them.  It is not necessary to be in a deep hypnotic trance state to create change, in fact much good work is done in a light state of hypnosis or even simply during conversation with your client.

When you train with TAG Academy, the additional modules outlined above, give you the skills to be able to build good rapport with your client which is key to inducing trance.  You will learn a lot about the different ways in which client’s communicate and relate to the world, therefore enabling you to treat each client as an individual, more importantly your clients will feel valued and well respected.

What is important to us is to keep our high standards of training, and to know that our graduates are beginning their career in hypnotherapy competently, with excellent standards of client care.  It is this attitude which maintains our solid reputation in hypnotherapy training.

So, if you wish to begin a new career as a hypnotherapist in Essex, get in touch with a TAG tutor to discover more, or download the dates of our September 2019 Essex Hypnotherapy Training Course.