Why working as a Hypnotherapist Can Bring Job Satisfaction

Working as a hypnotherapist is an extremely rewarding career.  Every day brings new challenges and opportunities to research and further your skills as a therapist as no two clients are the same.  In fact, no two days will ever be the same again while working as a hypnotherapist!

Hypnotherapists are in the main, self employed, so you do have the advantage of choosing your hours and having breaks or holidays when you wish to.  However, being self employed can be hard work, especially in the early days of building up your hypnotherapy practice.

 You can choose to create a treatment room for your hypnotherapy practice at home as some therapists do, or to rent a room in a local centre, the choice is yours.

 So many self employed people are now investing in a garden office, it is a great way of extending the home and gaining that workspace you need, without too much difficulty or huge expense.

 However it is you decide to run your practice, you will be spending your time helping clients to overcome a whole host of issues, and really being part of their journey to improve their lives and become their best self.  The Training Alliance Group strap line is “perfecting people and performance”!

The feeling of satisfaction when a client has achieved a real breakthrough, or overcome a limiting belief/pattern of behaviour really can be enormous. To spend your time facilitating positive changes, meeting new people and watching them grow and thrive is fantastic.  If you nurture and build your practice, hypnotherapy can also be extremely financially rewarding, which of course is just as important as job satisfaction!

You may wish to choose a niche to work with, for example, some hypnotherapist focus upon helping clients to stop smoking or other addictions.  Some will focus upon anxiety, others on improving focus and motivation in the work place, taking their practice in the corporate world. 

 If you choose to train as a hypnotherapist with TAG Academy, we cover many areas that you will find client’s get in touch with you for help with and you will feel confident to be able to choose which area you wish to focus upon.  We also give you a full day of training in marketing your practice, so advice on setting up in business, a web presence, even social media advice to get your hypnotherapy practice in your area up and running and attracting clients.

 So, if you feel that you wish to embark upon a career change, and are wondering if working as a hypnotherapist can bring job satisfaction, take a look at our prospectus here, or of get in touch with a TAG Academy tutor for more information on our hypnotherapy training courses.