Training as a hypnotherapist

You may be considering training as a hypnotherapist with a view to working full time with hypnosis, to add hypnotherapy to your existing therapy practice.

Often, our hypnotherapy students take our training course for their own personal development, as with any therapeutic discipline, we learn about ourselves as we learn to help others.

We support our students to discover about themselves and to learn how to assist clients with hypnosis.  It is important to note that ‘hypnosis’ is a state of being and ‘hypnotherapy’ is the use of suggestion therapy whilst our clients are in that state of being. 

Learning how to induce the state of hypnosis is one of the first things that students learn when they embark upon our training course.  Students learn how to build rapport with clients, with a strong understanding of body language, use of linguistics and other skills which help you to connect with your client and enable the client to feel relaxed.  This is the first stage and so vital, as when your client feels relaxed with you, and also gets the real sense that you understand them, it is then easy for them to drift into trance. 

Understanding the power of the hypnotic voice and certain patterns of language is also taught at this stage, giving students complete confidence that they can induce any client into trance.  The state of hypnosis or ‘trance’ is in fact a very natural state for us to be, when we daydream about last year’s summer holiday, or fantasise about where we can travel to next year, we do actually enter into a very light state of trance.

Our task as hypnotherapists, is to help clients find this level of relaxation and trance so that this becomes a skill for them to take away for life, something which is invaluable.  Being able to relax deeply is therapeutic in itself, and by learning this skill for yourself as student, life really will become easier!

Once your client is deeply relaxed and enjoying the wonderful state of hypnotic trance, this can be deepened until you know, by various indications, that your client really is in a deep enough state of hypnosis for you to begin work with positive, clean language, suggestion therapy.

The use of what we term ‘clean language’ is another skill you will learn with TAG.  This does not mean being terribly polite and watching your ‘ps’ and ‘qs’! What this skill is that you will learn is how to offer your client positive suggestion therapy, without leading them or influencing them with what you think, but allowing them the space inside their mind to re-create their own thinking, and change their mindset, which of course is the ultimate goal.

Training in hypnotherapy with TAG not only gives you the skills you will need to become competent at inducing hypnotic trance, but will also give you certificates in NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, CBP, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique as well as RCP, Rapid Cognitive Processing which is a powerful therapeutic technique to use with clients who have experienced trauma and PTSD.

So whether you are looking for self-development or looking for training as a hypnotherapist as part of a career change, consider TAG training in London, Brighton, Milton Keynes and Essex.

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