TAG - Accredited Mindset, Psychology Training and Therapy

Training Alliance Group provides mindset, psychology and hypnotherapy training and therapy across the South East of England and also at various international locations. Whether you a looking to visit an experienced and accredited Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT Clinician or work towards becoming one yourself - TAG can help.

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TAG ACADEMY training courses

Hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, RCP & EFT

Are you considering training to become a professionally qualified therapist or you are currently a therapist looking to improve your skills? If so TAG Academy provides fully validated broad curriculum hypnosis courses. We offer you a sound academic and vocational core base majoring in Hypnotherapy training but also included in the syllabus are a detailed blend of NLP, Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy, Rapid Cognitive Processing and Emotional Freedom Therapy.

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1:1 therapy sessions

personal therapy sessions

Sometimes you will merely lack certain strengths, abilities or insights. On other occasions you may already possess the resources you need but perhaps they are hidden or blocked by other negative outlooks or behaviour. Whatever your position, using the effective approaches and interventions of TAG Therapy can bring about the change you require.

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executive COACHING

Achieve your Goals

Do you want your company staff to perform at a cohesive and optimal level, alongside increasing morale and reducing absenteeism? We provide many aspects of corporate and business coaching through TAG Corporate to support your organisation to achieve this. This includes team building, time management, business motivation, stress management strategies and many other business development programmes.

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winning mindset & sports psychology

creating a winning sport mind

Sport performance is not just about your talent; it is also about your mindset and belief. TAG SportMind brings the very best in sport psychology and sport mindset to help you attain the winning edge.

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group retreats


We all have strengths and weaknesses and nobody can be perfect but you can still enhance your life by working on ways to improve your personal resources. Working on your personal development alongside other delegates through TAG LifeSkills self-growth courses will enable you to explore your inner-self, shed those aspects that hold you back by tapping into your mind power and installing new strengths and outlooks to allow you to become a happier and more effective person.

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Would you like to use your own time to delve into your potential to function better as an individual? If so then TAG Audio and Book store provides you with a selection of motivational and therapeutic books, eBooks, Apps, CD recordings and downloads  to help you develop your mindset and become the best you can be.  

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